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Wine Making Supplies in Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania

You can make your own wine at home. Making wine is simple, fun and when you taste your homemade wine, you’ll realize how rewarding this hobby is. Your budget will release a sigh of relief when your realize how much money you can save by making your own wine. Just think how impressed your friends and family will be when they taste your great homemade wine, they won’t believe your actually made it yourself.

At Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply of Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, we carry all the wine making supplies and home-brewing equipment you’ll need to make quality wine at home. Come check us out.
Commercial Wine - Wine Barley in Trevose, PA

The Essentials to Make Wine

Crafting the perfect batch of wine takes skill and the right wine making supplies. Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply has you covered. We sell everything you need to produce fine wines right in your home. Winemaking items you’ll find in our shop include:
  • WinExpert Wine Ingredients Kits
  • Fresh Juice In- Season
  • Yeast
  • Sanitizers
  • Custom Bottle Labels
  • Wine Racks
  • Oak Barrels (Special Order
  • Fruit Concentrates
  • Equipment Kits
  • Bottles, Corks & Corkers
  • Filtering Systems
  • Crushers & Presses (Special Order)
  • Fruit Purees
  • Fermenting Buckets & Carboys
  • Oak Chips, Cubes & Sticks

Fresh Wine Making Juice In Season

Expand your winemaking craft. We carry 6-Gallon buckets of fresh wine making juice in-season. During the Fall harvest, we carry fresh juice from California and Italy. In the Spring, we carry fresh juice from Chile, (southern hemisphere).
Contact us today in Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, to request more information about our wine making supplies.